what’s wrong with this picture

July 5, 2009 at 11:18 pm Leave a comment

a coffee-shop of people

and nobody knows

a coffee-shop full of sweets, coffee-cups

and plastic bottles of water

nobody knows

a coffee-shop full

of verbal (dis)harmonies

a guy with red hair, dyed and shaped

like a mountain on his head

a couple sitting on two chairs

next to each other, two solitudes

a laptop, a cell-phone and the silence

between them

across the room a man in a red ball-cap

chewing gum or something

a barista changing the garbage bag

her white blouse tucked behind a green apron

and under the white blouse, a white bra

and under the white bra—

to the right a man with a grey beard

breathing heavily, no coffee cup in his

hand or next to it, just looking

his hair unwashed and hidden under

a black ball cap, he gives me the

creeps this guy, doesn’t even pretend

to have anything better to do, just

stares and stares, it’s bugging me

it’s bugging me, sitting in my corner

notebook on my lap, pen in my hand

looking, too, only I’m not like him, no,

I pretend I’m not, because I’m no

creep, I’m a poet dammit, I write what

I see. My poetry gives me license, gives

me the right to look left and write

somebody give that creep a pen,

a piece of paper, and a bath

we’d be just the same, looking

looking round the coffee-shop

our faces hidden by our communal coffee-cups


Entry filed under: Poetry.

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