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morning light

exhausted I peel out of bed
lather my face with stale shaving cream
cut away the stubble like weeds on my cheeks
climb into wrinkled black trousers and button-down shirt
sneeze and rub my eyes and curse
my autumn allergies

hear the neighbours downstairs bang and clang
as they ready themselves for work
and me climbing quietly back in bed
wrapped in my pink and blue duvet
the pattern worn through, the corners frayed
I don’t feel the joy of my existence
soft like a lover lying next to me

only the cacophony of the night
still rings in my tired ears


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fallen angel

There was a time i cared
what others thought
still do
but less and less of me is left
to think
to care
to wonder what’s next

i’m just a bundle of desires
clinging on for dear life
only there’s nothing to hold on to
and i’m falling

there’s no one there to catch me
and no one gave me the instruction manual
for the wings
on my back

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Interesting Globe & Mail article

Here’s a link to an article that discusses the joys and difficulties of having a transgender child. Most people, with time, can wrap their heads around people having the right to shape their own futures. But it gets more complicated when the person in question is a child or a teen. Giving transgender children access to health care services such as hormones and surgery scares people, because the changes we undergo as trans people can be irreversible.trans31lf1_201562artw

September 2, 2009 at 4:27 am 2 comments

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