the heart so cool

October 7, 2009 at 6:02 am Leave a comment

You don’t have to break it
pulverize it squeeze it flatten it
turn it into dust
spit it into the ocean
throw it hard into the air

You don’t have to take a hammer and bang bang bang it
until it’s bloody
unrecognizable or
unrecognizably bloody

You create all this noise because of what?
Broken promises?
You must be kidding me, boy.
That’s what you are:
A boy.

You trounce around like a wolfman
wishing you had something to sink
your teeth into but you don’t
get used to it
you can
get used to it

it’s not the end of the world
it’s not the end of anything
except this stupid silly dream
this idea you have in your head
this stupid thought that was planted like a seed
when you really were a boy
the one your TV cultivated for you each night
like a fool

I’ll spell it out for you, OK?
Put down the gun, drop the knife, unclench your fist first
so you can see
you don’t have to break it to believe
you don’t have to believe to break it
it doesn’t need you to get all pumped up or
beaten down;
it’s there
just there
for you


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