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The alphabet in haikus (A-H)


Aches aren’t always arthritis
Allan acknowledges
answers are alarming



Brave but broken
Brad brakes before
bawling beyond belief.



Calvin came crying
coz calves croaked:
cows create chaos



David didn’t despair
dreams don’t disappear
dirty duvets do.



“Eric eats everything
even elephant ears,”
ewok exclaims.



Far from frosty Frenton
fires fill famous forest
forever frightening fans



Gary gave goodbye gifts
grew greedy
groped girls



He hurries home hungry
heaven heard his hopeful homily
his house has ham.



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Haikus – the beginning


Your face, I’d say, is bloated
I will not squeeze
You are no pimple



Your smile lingers–
an ocean of waves
I sail upon.



I know you
like I know the night
you keep things hidden



A cup of tea
gone cold:
bitter to my tastebuds



Coffee doesn’t get old
it meanders up my tongue
grinds me to a latte



When I reach you
you will be gone
The clouds race after you.


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Waiting for Godot II

All day I sat by that window
but you didn’t come
my faith wasn’t strong enough or
good enough for you, I guess.
Do you know how long a day is
for a nine-year-old?

All these years later and I still
feel the anger cut through my skin.
I was a mermaid turned human
walking on legs of glass shards.
You were the glass.

The moon came out early that day
its skin scarred like a bad case of acne.
Are there antibiotics for the moon?

Reminds me of the time I got chicken pox
and I thought it was so cool I
walked up to strangers and smiled
and they didn’t laugh at all.
Neither did I when it got itchy, later.

I thought I had an insight
but it’s late and my thumb hurts
because I caught it on a sharp piece
of metal jutting from my wallet.

It cut so deep I had to put a band-aid on.

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one word

It doesn’t disappear just because I ask it to.
It’s too good for that —
too strong.
Prometheus would understand:
his liver hanging half-eaten
from his side each night.

It doesn’t just go away
that would be too easy too
much like giving in,
letting me win,
and we can’t have that
not a winner like me

Suddenly the room feels
cold, can you feel it?

I will bear witness to it
I will yell it to the ever-encroaching
walls. I will, hoarse as I am,
announce myself, my presence,
my, well, pain.
There it is
The word I’ve been avoiding all along.
And it’s been long:
years, decades, quarter centuries.
When will it end?
When will it be enough?

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born free

two words
jump out like
frogs and blow
away my hair
I stand naked-headed
topple over
I’m the tower of Pisa
on a bad day
and if you break me open
you’ll find I taste like a chocolate
bar, nut-free.

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my skin

It is vast
like a pocket-book crammed
with half-formed ideas
like an onion it peels back
layer after layer
and if you’re not careful
it will make you cry

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