The Divine Mistake

September 24, 2010 at 7:05 am Leave a comment

When people post comments on articles relating to transsexualism or transgenderism, you can be sure that you’ll find a comment or two proclaiming that God doesn’t make mistakes. Usually the argument goes something like this: God created two genders and made each of us into either a man or a woman. That’s how we’re born. Ergo, those of us who try to alter our genders after the fact are acting against God’s will.

The argument has a ring to it, but that’s all it has. Quite aside from people like me, i.e. people who are transgender, there are plenty of people who are born with genitalia that are neither male nor female. These people have been called many names: hermaphrodites, intersex, people with disorders of sexual differentiation. Right after they’re born, physicians sculpt their infant bodies into one gender or another based on little more than guess work. Sometimes the doctors get it right, and sometimes not. If they don’t, these children often transition later in life to bring their inner and outer genders in line. Point is, if God never made mistakes, then surely babies wouldn’t be born with ambiguous genitalia, or be blind, deaf, have cleft palates, and deformed limbs, for that matter. Surely it’s unrealistic to expect babies with these (or other afflictions) not to modify, as much as possible, their particular impediment to minimize its impact on their lives?

Transsexuals have an impairment that’s initially invisible to the naked eye. For some, the disconnect between body and mind leads to so much mental anguish and suffering that suicide is all too often the result. But I believe that God made the transsexual just as He made everyone else. God gave doctors the technology to correct our particular impediment. For many of us surgery and hormone treatment give us the relief of finally feeling at home in our bodies for the very first time. Imagine, for a moment, if you were stuck in perpetual pre-pubescence while your peers developed into adult men and women. How would that make you feel?

To those who say God doesn’t make mistakes my question is this: How are transsexuals any different from a child with a cleft palate who goes in to have his/her palate repaired? God gave us each a sense of who we are and that sense is all we have to guide us. My sense tells me I’m a man, even though I wasn’t born into a man’s physical body. I don’t know why God decided that I had to walk this particular path to express my inherent masculinity, but I’m glad I’m here and I’m going to be the best man I can be. Make no mistake.


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