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October 9, 2010 at 2:09 am Leave a comment

Today I was asked if I wanted my nipple grafted to my groin. That was a first. It was the latest installment in my surgical transition from female to male. In the past three years I have had a mastectomy, a hysterectomy and 4 revisions to my areolar complex. Lets just say I don’t heal well. I’m hoping this time I’m done but suspect that that might be too good to be true. A guy can dream anyway.

But to get back to the nipple-in-groin technique. Say you have a mastectomy but the nipple doesn’t “take” so the doctor removes it altogether, closes the wound, and lets you heal up. He has to keep the nipple from necrotizing (i.e. dying). How does he do that? He grafts it onto another part of the body for safekeeping. Common places include the groin area, the inside of the ankle or the inner upper arm.

When the chest has healed, you go in for another round of surgery and the nipple is transferred from the groin to the chest. Hopefully when the blood-supply is hooked up, the nipple is happy and settles into its new home. The nipple is happy, you’re happy, everybody is happy.

Who knew?


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